Oil & Gas Industry

The world’s dependence on oil and gas is increasing as global economies and infrastructure continue to rely heavily on petroleum-based products. Discussions of when world oil and gas production will peak seem to be on the periphery, even amid a weakened global economy and the shrinking availability of oil. The oil and gas industry continues to wield incredible influence in international economics and politics – especially in consideration of employment levels in the sector.

Offshore Facilities

we have multiple capabilities such as, automation, electrification and digitalization which gives us the ability to integrate into a fleet at any stage in the lifecycle journey and effectively develop a complementary digital roadmap.

Onshore Facilities

Petrol Mahra helps customers optimize the performance of critical oil and gas assets and equipment. We draw on an extensive software portfolio, deep expertise in data analytics and extensive experience in oil and gas and other industries.


With a significant increase in demand for pipeline infrastructure, maximizing efficiency and driving down costs have become more relevant. Today’s operators must contend with a host of emerging challenges as well: effectively managing large amounts of data, cybersecurity threats and tightening legislation.

Utilities & Off-site

The company’s engineers have witnessed and implemented utility and off-site projects that entail complex and creative engineering solutions. Petrol Mahra expertise has enabled its engineers to successfully plan, design and execute projects of complex attributes, while maintaining their integrity and efficiency.

Engineering & Construction

The engineering and construction industry is at an inflection point. Smart cities, modular construction, emerging markets, government regulations—these large-scale changes are pushing companies to adapt to disruption, rethink what’s possible and act on a new vision for the future of the industry. 


We provide life-of-asset engineering capabilities for brownfield and greenfield projects; from consultancy services through concept and FEED into detailed design, procurement and commissioning. This capability extends into late life and decommissioning.


Operational excellence and strong capabilities mean that we can deliver complex construction projects, whether these developments are greenfield or brownfield, onshore or offshore, upstream or downstream.


Drilling fluids perform various functions. They lubricate drill bits, remove cuttings, and provide a barrier for well control. Inhalation of vapours or skin contact can cause serious health issues, though. Drilling fluids can contain any mix of hundreds of chemicals.

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